September 1, 2018
18 days since
our celebration.
Welcome to the Website that has been created to plan our family reunion for next years Labor Day Weekend!

Well, we are getting close to our reunion!  We are excited to see everyone and
promise tons of fun.  

Those of you that want to show up Friday , August 31st,  to set up, we will be at the farm by 2:00 in the afternoon. If you need to call me for any reason, my cell is 515-770-7721 and Scotty's is 515-918-8419.
Please view "updates for you" in the left column, I am listing some information
for you about things we have planned and ideas of what you may want to bring
with you. This information will be added here in the next couple days.
Also please recheck it again later just in case I have added anything else.

Love to everyone!